Beautiful, Flexible and Secure Donation Forms Module Fundraising Module

Beautiful, Flexible and Secure Donation Forms

Focused on providing the best user experience, Morweb’s Fundraising Module allows you to create and manage engaging yet simple donation forms that are designed to convert users to donors quickly and seamlessly on every device.

Beautiful, Flexible and Secure Donation Forms
Beautiful, Flexible and Secure Donation Forms

Easily customize donation pages

The Fundraising Module includes custom-designed donation page templates that allow you to customize the messaging, images, features, and even the layout using Morweb’s intuitive Live-Editor. Finally, you’ll have complete control at your fingertips without any coding!

Create, copy and edit unlimited donation pages

With Morweb, choose from various premade donation pages where you can create, copy and edit them specifically to your fundraising campaign needs. Set a custom URL, create a contact list to store all donor data separately and quickly export CSV whenever you need it.


Useful donation form features

Every organization wants to accept donation online but need the specific donation form with features that makes sense to THEIR organization. That’s why Morweb built togglable features where EACH of your donation forms can have their unique features, and it’s just a click away. Features like:

  • In Memory/Honor of option
  • Tribute message email
  • Goal amount and date with visual thermometer
  • Recurring Length
  • Recaptcha
  • Donation amount values
  • Gift designation
  • Cover the transaction fee
  • Mailing address, newsletter subscription and more!

Flexible recurring payments durations

Either set a static recurring duration or allow users to select from monthly, quarterly, yearly or set any recurring payment duration. When the user select the value and duration, the donation form will auto-calculate the total payment over the selected timeframe.


Secure payment processing

Morweb uses Stripe as our secure payment gateway, which quickly processes donations seamlessly in real-time without leaving your site. Easily connect your existing or new Stripe account to every Morweb module in one quick step.

Security - we take it to the next level

Morweb uses industry-standard security systems while building additional in-house security features and protocols as an additional layer to Stripe's security. Furthermore, Morweb will be your first point of contact if any security issue arises, which provides you with the fastest possible resolution.

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