Seamless & FlexibleAPI Integrations

API Integrations

Do you have an existing AMS, CRM, or fundraising platform that requires integration with your website? Great! Morweb can integrate with other platforms via API integration. By leveraging Morweb's flexible templating system, Morweb can push/pull data and custom design page templates to provide your visitors with a seamless user experience.


Custom API Integration with Morweb Modules

Morweb suite of powerful modules helps organizations provide user-friendly functionality for common nonprofit activities like donations, eventsdirectories and more. With API integration, data collected from Morweb's module can pass in real-time to your AMS, CRM or another system. Eliminating manual entry or inconsistent data from system to system. Plus, with Morweb's flexible templating system, we can create custom page layouts specific to your internal workflows and target audience needs. 

Simple Integration with Morweb's Embed Widget

Morweb Live-Editor has an embed widget which allows you to copy and paste embed code onto pages, easily. Drag and drop the embed widget anywhere on a page to easily embed external forms, videos, podcasts, etc.


Common API Integration Examples

  • Custom member portals
  • Single-Sign-On
  • Directory listings and maps
  • Donation Forms
  • Event listing and registration
  • Program listing and registration
  • Application and lead generation forms
  • Newsletter signup forms
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