Gate Your Pages For Specific Users Groups Module Private Page Module

Gate Your Pages For Specific Users Groups

Morweb allows you to make any page(s) on your website password-protected, meaning the user will be asked to login or register to view the contents of the private area. The Private Pages Module gives you the freedom to create one or multiple private areas on your website for specific groups, like board members, volunteers, HR, staff, etc.

Gate Your Pages For Specific Users Groups
Gate Your Pages For Specific Users Groups

Easily customize private areas your way

Each private section uses Morweb’s Live-Editor to customize it with the content you need. Easily add documents, blogs, private events, online forms, and much more.

Easily manage who has access

Create an unlimited number of User groups and add the credentials of each user who can have access. Then just assign the user group to the private area of your choosing. Add, delete or modify user credentials as you need them, giving you ultimate control over who has access to each private area you create.


Add unlimited users and private area

With the Private Pages Module, you can create as many unique private areas and access as many users as you require. In other words, you don’t have to amalgamate all your content or users into a single private area. You are free to create!

Forgot password function

Morweb helps your users help themselves with forgot password function. This means you won't ever have to reset a user's password manually.


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