Top 12 Nonprofit Website Templates Any Organization Can Use

Top 12 Nonprofit Website Templates Any Organization Can Use
Murad Bushnaq
August 30, 2022

Your nonprofit organization requires an accessible and visually captivating website to captivate audiences. However, like many nonprofits, you likely have a myriad of responsibilities on your plate. From managing programs to organizing fundraisers, your efforts are focused on enhancing the success of your nonprofit. While these tasks are vital, a robust marketing strategy, including an engaging website design, is equally essential.

Building a website may seem daunting, but with a nonprofit website template, the process becomes seamless. By selecting the right template, you can sidestep the complexities of website design logistics. Instead, you'll brainstorm ideas and effortlessly input your content and visuals into a user-friendly template.

In this article, we’ll show off 12 of the best nonprofit website templates, along with top insights into picking the right one for your organization. Specifically, we’ll go over:

With a great-looking and functional website, you’ll be able to expand your nonprofit’s reach and maximize support for your organization. The right website template can help you get there. Let’s begin.

Nonprofit website templates made by Morweb make website design easy.

Nonprofit website templates can help you make a beautiful site.

Essential Elements of Nonprofit Website Templates

A nonprofit website template serves as a pre-designed framework that allows you to input and organize content. By utilizing a template, your primary task is to determine the type of content you wish to showcase on your website. This typically includes captivating graphic design, a concise mission statement, regularly updated blog posts, and visual representations of your organization's activities. These elements are crucial for engaging your audience and motivating them to support your cause.

Once you have outlined the content for your website, the subsequent step involves integrating it into a charity website template. This entails pasting your content into the template and potentially customizing aspects like color schemes and fonts to align with your branding strategy. One of the most appealing aspects of utilizing a nonprofit website template is that it eliminates the need for coding expertise—all the intricate technical aspects are already incorporated into the template.

While exploring our selection of the best nonprofit website templates, it's essential to consider your organization's overarching objectives. Various templates cater to specific purposes and can greatly enhance your nonprofit's outreach efforts, such as those designed for blog pages. Pick a template that is tailored to your audience and makes sense for your organization’s marketing strategy.

Explore healthcare-centered nonprofit website templates for your organization.

1-Family Friends Health Center Template

Discover how the Family Friends Health Center template can revolutionize your healthcare nonprofit's digital presence, fostering engagement and expanding your reach.

When it comes to crafting a compelling website for your health-centred nonprofit, selecting the right template is paramount to driving growth and connecting with supporters. The Family Friends Health Center template emerges as a standout choice, boasting an array of features designed to amplify your organization's impact and outreach within the healthcare community.

With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, this template empowers nonprofits to effectively convey their mission and initiatives to a broader audience. Featuring bold text overlaid on captivating imagery, the home screen instantly captivates viewers, inviting them to delve deeper into your organization's objectives and goals. Users can seamlessly navigate through the prominent image slideshow, gaining insights into the various facets of your nonprofit's work.

The Family Friends Health Center template can help your nonprofit expand its reach and connect with supporters.

The template's emphasis on visual storytelling enables nonprofits to showcase impactful images and success stories, complemented by compelling "Learn More" buttons that encourage engagement and exploration. Whether highlighting the dedication of medical professionals or the transformative impact on patients, the template offers a platform to convey your organization's narrative with authenticity and resonance.

Navigating the website is effortless, thanks to the user-friendly menu bar and intuitive layout. From accessing essential information to exploring different sections of your organization's website, users can seamlessly navigate through the intuitive interface, enhancing their overall browsing experience.

One of the standout features of the Family Friends Health Center template is its comprehensive "About Us" page design. This dedicated section allows nonprofits to provide in-depth insights into their values, team members, and impactful work, fostering transparency and trust among supporters.

The Family Friends Health Center template features a beautiful "About Us" page design.

Incorporating the Family Friends Health Center template into your healthcare nonprofit's website strategy can yield significant benefits, including enhanced engagement, increased visibility, and improved donor retention. Elevate your organization's digital presence and make a lasting impact in the healthcare sector with this innovative and versatile template.

2-Trust Hospitals Template

Explore the dynamic features of the Trust Hospitals template, tailored to elevate your health-centered nonprofit's website and engage supporters effectively.

Trust Hospitals template emerges as a standout choice for health-centered nonprofits seeking to amplify their online presence and connect with supporters seamlessly. Boasting a range of features, from captivating video backgrounds to interactive "Recent Posts" sections, this template offers an optimal layout designed to captivate and engage audiences effectively.

The Trust Hospitals template has a well-designed layout that grabs people's attention.

With its visually stunning layout and attention-grabbing design elements, the Trust Hospitals template is tailored to command attention and leave a lasting impression on visitors. The homepage serves as a powerful platform to showcase your nonprofit's impact, featuring illustrative icons and bold statistics that highlight the tangible outcomes of your organization's efforts. By showcasing the hard work and dedication of your team, the template fosters a sense of appreciation among site visitors, compelling them to support your cause.

Customization options abound, allowing nonprofits to tailor the font, image color, and text color to align with their brand identity seamlessly. Whether conveying a message of hope or promoting community engagement, the template provides a versatile canvas to express your organization's unique identity and values.

The "Services" box offers a convenient platform to spotlight the diverse range of services your nonprofit provides to the community. With its intuitive scroll-over design, users can explore each service in detail, accessing additional information with a simple click of the "Learn More" button. This feature enhances user engagement and facilitates informed decision-making, empowering individuals to access the support and resources they need effectively.

With the Trust Hospitals template, users can easily search an organization's locations.

One of the standout features of the Trust Hospitals template is its streamlined location search bar, catering to nonprofits with multiple facilities or service areas. Users can effortlessly locate your organization's facilities, access driving directions, and obtain essential location details without navigating to external websites. The "Get Directions" and "Location Details" buttons further enhance user convenience, ensuring a seamless experience for individuals seeking your services.

3- General Hospital Template

Discover the versatile features of the General Hospital template, tailored to empower health-centered nonprofits with a dynamic and engaging website platform.

The General Hospital template emerges as a versatile solution for health-centered nonprofits seeking to enhance their online presence and engage supporters effectively. Designed for organizations with an active WordPress site and a diverse range of offerings, this template offers a seamless layout and professional aesthetic, creating a captivating digital experience for visitors.The General Hospital template has a seamless layout, creating a clean and professional look.

With its clean and professional layout, the General Hospital template provides ample opportunities to showcase your organization's brand colors and images, instilling a sense of trust and credibility among visitors. The dedicated section highlighting staff and volunteers, complete with biographies, humanizes your nonprofit and strengthens connections with supporters by allowing them to get to know the individuals behind the scenes.

The General Hospital nonprofit website template has a section dedicated to showcasing your team.

At the top of the homepage, users can easily access essential contact information, enabling seamless communication with your organization. Additionally, clickable links to your social media channels facilitate donor engagement and amplify excitement surrounding your mission, fostering a sense of community among supporters.

General Hospital has a designated tab featuring news and updates.

One of the standout features of the General Hospital template is its dedicated tab for news and updates, allowing users to stay informed about your organization's latest initiatives and developments. Whether sharing program updates or addressing relevant topics within your nonprofit's sphere, this feature enhances transparency and keeps supporters engaged with your cause.

There is an accessible shop tab where your nonprofit can easily sell items to raise funds.

Furthermore, the accessible "Shop" tab offers a convenient platform for nonprofits to sell items and raise funds effortlessly. Whether selling medical supplies or hosting product fundraisers, this feature streamlines the purchasing process for supporters, with intuitive filtering and sorting options to enhance the shopping experience.

Incorporating the General Hospital template into your nonprofit's website strategy can unlock a wealth of opportunities, from enhanced engagement to streamlined fundraising efforts. Elevate your organization's digital presence and inspire meaningful connections with supporters using this versatile and dynamic template.

For school-centered nonprofits, it's important to use a website template with school-specific features.

School-Centered Nonprofit Website Templates

1. Kampus

Kampus stands out as an excellent website template choice for your school-centered nonprofit, particularly if your focus is on K-12 students and educators.

Kampus is a well-designed template with intuitive features.

This template exudes a clean and sophisticated aura, ideal for enhancing your nonprofit's professionalism. With generous white spacing, users can seamlessly absorb information without distraction. The template offers multiple opportunities to showcase images of students, parents, and educators, effectively conveying your organization or school's purpose to visitors.

Notably, two prominent buttons positioned in the top right corner serve as valuable tools for drawing attention to essential embedded forms or links, such as your donation page. You have the freedom to customize the colors to ensure consistency with your other marketing materials.

Kampus has a built-in calendar to keep audiences up to date.

With an interactive calendar prominently displayed on the homepage, you can showcase your organization or school's upcoming events, allowing supporters to stay informed and engaged. This feature is particularly valuable for individuals interested in getting more involved, as well as for site visitors curious about your organization's offerings.

This nonprofit website template has special sections dedicated to different audience members.

Our standout feature? Tailored sections are designed to cater to each site visitor's specific needs, ensuring they find the information they seek without any hassle. These segmented sections are customized to address the diverse audiences your organization aims to engage, offering a streamlined browsing experience that supporters will appreciate.

2. Smarty

If your nonprofit organization is dedicated to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education, this website template is the perfect fit for your needs.Smarty is a beautifully designed website template for schools.

With a strong focus on providing a positive user experience, Smarty provides your organization with a straightforward method to centralize essential resources and programs. This website template greets visitors with a captivating video background banner showcasing your organization in action, effectively highlighting its influence. Utilize this space to spotlight your organization's volunteers, share inspirational stories, and more, appealing to the emotions of your audience.

Smarty offers a customizable "Meet our Students" section to engage audiences.

With a customizable “Meet our Students” section, you can introduce your nonprofit or school’s staff or even people who have benefitted from your work. Visuals help people establish a connection, so include clear headshots or images of students learning. Add quotes that show just how special your nonprofit really is.

Smarty offers donors an easy way to give.

Our favorite feature? This template makes it easy for visitors to find out how they can support your nonprofit. On the homepage, there is a bold “Support Our Students” section where you can direct people to your donation page or lay out alternative ways they can support your organization (in-kind donations, volunteer opportunities, etc.)

3. UniAlumni

UniAlumni neatly organizes each section of your website and makes it bold with different-colored backgrounds.

UniAlumni is a well-designed web template that grabs viewers' attention.

This sleek website exudes a modern vibe, making it ideal for nonprofits or educational institutions seeking broad appeal across diverse audiences. Generous spacing between sections ensures easy navigation for your audience as they access vital information.

Plug in an inviting image that tells your nonprofit’s story (an image is worth a thousand words!). You can even feature embedded social media links right on your opening image. This is a great way to strengthen your organization’s marketing strategy and engage audiences.

This template features an engaging countdown clock to get people excited about upcoming events.

Our favorite feature? We especially love the ability to prominently display your upcoming event with an engaging countdown clock. This helps get the word out about your nonprofit or school’s programs and boosts excitement over events. As a result, you’ll see increased engagement and support.

If you're an association, using a website template can assist with easier website design.

Association-Centered Nonprofit Website Templates

1. Members

Need a clean and straightforward layout for easy navigation? This association website template is for you.

Morweb's website template Members can help associations make an eye-catching website.

Members prioritizes user experience through a simple design that lets the information speak for itself. Each section is spaced out carefully in a grid format, giving a minimalistic feel. This way, your visitors can learn about your organization’s goals and programs without getting distracted.

At the top of the page, the bolded “Become a Member” button streamlines the registration experience for users. Right next to it, your current members can easily locate the login button.

Help prospective members learn about the benefits of joining your association with this great template feature.

To maximize your association's outreach and successfully convert site visitors into members, it's crucial to highlight the benefits of joining your organization. Incorporating a "Benefits of Becoming a Member" section on the homepage allows you to clearly outline compelling reasons for individuals to join. Enhance this textual content with captivating graphics to reinforce key points and grab visitors' attention. Additionally, prominently featuring member pricing within this section ensures easy accessibility for users seeking this information.Customize a map with Morweb's Members template to engage audiences.

Our favorite feature? On the homepage, you can customize a map that lets visitors see where members are located all across the United States. By showing where some of your members are located and how many people belong to your association, you’ll add credibility to your organization. Whether your organization connects people from all over or is centered in one specific region, potential members will see that there is value in becoming a member because of the opportunities to build their network!

2. Unity

Want to make a bold statement? This association website template has a professional and industrial style, perfect for an association that wants their values to come through clearly on their website.

Unity offers associations a bold and professional website layout.

Unity takes a straightforward approach that helps potential members find out how they can get involved quickly (and for current members to find out important information).

Right below a banner image of your choice, there’s two bolded sections that cater to interested members and registered members. This way, your website is tailored to both audiences so members stay content and potential members can learn more without digging around your website.

Run an active blog on your website with this template.

Have an active blog you want your audience to know about? There’s a designated section on this template where you can show off news about your organization like upcoming events or even blog posts about the value of being a member. The visual display of images helps attract users’ attention and will make them more likely to click on your posts.

Unity has a brief donation section to streamline the donation experience on your website.

Our favorite feature? Unity also features a donation section already embedded into your website. This streamlines the donation process and makes it simple to find. Behind the donation section, you can feature a large banner image of your organization at work. This helps donors feel more connected to your association and confident that they’re giving to a worthy cause.

3. Association

Association, a template created for WordPress, is the website template for you if you want a friendly, clean space for users to explore your organization's content.

Association is a great-choice for a fun and friendly website design.

The intimate ambiance of this website template fosters a sense of belonging, instantly conveying the value of affiliating with your nonprofit. Its relaxed and uncluttered design, coupled with numerous visuals, facilitates a genuine connection with potential members, enticing them to become part of your community. Notably, conveniently placed buttons labeled "Learn More" and "Get Involved" atop the central opening image streamline navigation, encouraging visitors to explore further.

Use the Gallery tab to feature images of your association in action on your website.

The gallery tab gives your association an opportunity to showcase hundreds of images, from members posing together at events to photos that highlight the impact your members are having in their communities. You can organize these photos in albums for improved accessibility.

Your website template should feature a "Contact Us" tab to support people with questions.

Our favorite feature? With a section dedicated to getting in contact with your organization, potential members can easily ask questions and request more information if needed. In this section, you can list out your phone number, hours you are open, and mailing address. And if someone wants to contact you with a pressing question outside staff office hours, no sweat! Your potential members (and current members!) can fill out this template’s embedded contact form that takes just a few moments to complete.


Animal-Centered Nonprofit Website Templates

1. Humane Society #1

This nonprofit website template is designed to captivate the attention of any animal lover.

Humane Society #1 is a great charity website template with an inviting aesthetic.

Humane Society #1 highlights your organization’s devotion to animal welfare with a sweeping homepage image of a dog, cat, or any animal relevant to your nonprofit. It features an earthy color palette of browns and oranges, giving your website a relaxed and peaceful vibe. While the template can be fully customized to match your brand, its current aesthetic can easily fit any animal-focused nonprofit.

Feature stories of impact to help supporters connect with your organization.

Incorporate a dedicated section on your homepage to share impactful stories that resonate with your audience. Whether you're an animal rescue or conservation nonprofit, spotlighting adopted animals or those your organization is assisting can evoke emotional responses and underscore the importance of support. By showcasing these stories, you can deepen connections with your audience and inspire them to engage with your cause.

A website template with a customizable map is a key feature to show your locations.

Our favorite feature? A customizable map that allows you to pinpoint your organization’s location(s). This way, people interested in supporting your nonprofit can easily find your address and make the trip without any difficulty.

2. Humane Society #2

Using a variety of visuals and colors that pop, this website template speaks its message loud and clear.

This creative template has a bright and happy design.

Humane Society #2 has a creative layout with multiple spots to add in engaging graphics and photos. It has a modern feel with ample white space, giving readers the opportunity to digest the information. Donors can easily find the “Donate Now” button (featuring a heart icon that’s perfect for animal lovers!) in the upper righthand corner.

Its slideshow banner image lets your nonprofit fill in several images that speak to your organization’s values. Plus, you can even follow the template’s strategy of using colorful photo backdrops to really make your images stand out.

This charity website template can help your organization feature animals up for adoption.

Our favorite feature? These unique image boxes have a curved outline, making the page feel more playful and welcoming. Use these image boxes to showcase animals that are up for adoption. Users can simply roll their mouse over the images, revealing a “Learn More” button to take visitors to another webpage on your website with more information. This way, they won’t have a hard time finding a furry friend to bring home.

3. Pet Rescue

This dynamic WordPress template is full of opportunities to compel site visitors to support your animal-related cause.

The Pet Rescue website template has powerful emotional appeal.

Pet Rescue features powerful text over your banner images that appeal to people’s emotions, from bold text saying “Do you care? We do.” and “Don’t let them suffer…Open your heart and home to a friend for life.” While this text can be customized, it's a great way to get people passionate about your cause.

At the top of the menu bar, users can navigate to your social media, increasing engagement and helping supporters learn more about your nonprofit. Social media is a great way to improve your nonprofit marketing plan, so why not give people an easy way to find it on your website, maximizing your reach?

Use a shop tab to sell items and boost your nonprofit's revenue.

Our favorite feature? If your animal-focused nonprofit sells pet products or branded merchandise, this template has a great section dedicated to boosting revenue. The “shop” section offers users a streamlined filtering process to find the items most relevant to their needs. You can include images of all your products, which will be appropriately spaced on the page to preserve the clean feel of the page.

The Gist

Now that you've explored these exceptional website templates, you're equipped to craft your own compelling website!

Begin by selecting a template that aligns with your organization's objectives. Consider the primary purpose of your website. If it's intended to serve as a communication hub, prioritize templates with built-in blogging capabilities. Alternatively, if your goal is to attract a broad membership base, opt for templates featuring interactive maps showcasing current members nationwide.

Remember, you have the flexibility to tailor your chosen template to suit your organization's branding. Customize elements such as colors and fonts to ensure consistency with your brand identity. By creating an engaging website, you'll foster deeper connections with your supporters and further your cause effectively.

Interested to learn more about website design? Check out these additional resources to guide your search:

Use Morweb's nonprofit website templates to make a beautiful site.

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