30+ Best Nonprofit Websites + Design Tips To Get Started

30+ Best Nonprofit Websites + Design Tips To Get Started
Murad Bushnaq
July 12, 2023

A well-designed website serves as the hub of your nonprofit's online presence, helping you educate new supporters, market programs and events, and pull in donations. For some nonprofits, however, creating a top-notch design can feel like an overwhelming task, especially if your team is new to building websites.

One of the most effective ways to kickstart your journey is to collect inspiration from other high-quality designs. In this article, we'll showcase 30+ of the best nonprofit websites on the internet today, and then set you up for success with a few design tips. Specifically, we'll cover:

Designing a high-quality website for your nonprofit doesn't need to be a stressful experience. Once you take the time to study other exemplary nonprofit sites and take note of the best design practices you see in action, you'll be well-equipped to make a standout digital presence.

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Best All-Around Nonprofit Websites

A collection of logos from the best nonprofit websites on the internet, featured in more detail throughout the sections below.

The top nonprofit websites combine a stunning appearance with high-quality user experience and content to create rewarding journeys for donors, beneficiaries, volunteers, and other stakeholders. While these elements may seem like a lot to juggle, the following websites manage them exceptionally well:


This is a screenshot of the MEND site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

MEND was started in 1971 by a young couple that was motivated to do something about the poverty they witnessed in the San Fernando Valley. The nonprofit operates in Pacoima where it provides food, clothing, case management, and support services to low-income individuals and families.

MEND has a strong vision, and the website does an excellent job of conveying it through captivating images and content. The homepage features a sliding image banner showcasing MEND’s initiatives.

The MEND website offers multiple ways to get involved with the organization and frequent news updates. What’s more, this nonprofit website is designed according to web accessibility best practices to provide a positive user experience for all visitors.

Our favorite feature? MEND’s donation page displays the impact the nonprofit has made over the years and offers different levels of support. Donors have the option to become monthly donors or even dedicate their gifts to a loved one.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

MEND designed its website with Morweb. The website makes use of Morweb’s nonprofit features including online donations, volunteer forms, and career listings.

Morweb CMS is designed to be easy for non-technical users to update the layout and add new content. Using Morweb’s simple blog engine and drag-and-drop editor, MEND’s staff and volunteers are able to easily add blogs, update text, and insert media.

2. Earth Discovery Institute

This is a screenshot of the EDI site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Earth Discovery Institute (EDI) is another nature-focused nonprofit. This organization seeks to encourage stewardship of San Diego's native biodiversity through education and conservation efforts.

The first thing you notice when you land on the EDI homepage is the buttons that encourage you to "Become a Member" and "Donate." With their bright green coloring and strategic placement in the center and top right corner of the page, it's no wonder that they catch your eye.

The homepage also invites visitors to explore each of EDI's programs with easy scroll-over capabilities, and illustrates the organization's impact with customized icons.

Our favorite feature? EDI has live Twitter and Instagram feeds on its homepage, showing that the organization is extremely active online. Visitors can easily click through each post to share, like, and comment, further spreading EDI's mission to the world.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

EDI used Morweb to create its showstopping site.

With Morweb, EDI was able to seamlessly incorporate its social media presence into its website, which can encourage further engagement from members, donors, and volunteers. In addition, EDI leveraged Morweb's built-in form and image-editing capabilities to make its site stand out.

3. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

A screenshot of the homepage of one of the best nonprofit websites, created by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is the largest nonprofit committed to blood cancer research, education, and advocacy. To fulfill its mission, the organization provides an assortment of resources on its website for various members of its audience, from donors to healthcare professionals.

Notable elements of the LLS website include its:

  • Matching gift page. More than 26 million individuals work for companies with matching gift programs, yet 78% are unaware of these opportunities. LLS bridges this gap in awareness by having a dedicated matching gift page on its website, complete with an embedded search tool that makes it easy for donors to check their eligibility. This way, more donors can make their gifts go twice as far by requesting an employer match.
  • Community support. LLS uses its website to cultivate a tight-knit, caring community through an online chat feature, peer-to-peer program, podcast, and information specialist services. Patients can even sign up to join a community where they can share their experiences, receive personalized support from LLS staff, and ask questions.
  • Emotional stories. Right on its homepage, LLS features the “Voices of LLS,” a section of stories from the community, including patients and volunteers. Each story is accompanied by a photo that puts a face to the nonprofit’s mission and inspires empathy among prospective donors.

LLS maximizes its fundraising revenue by outlining multiple giving options on its website, such as matching gifts, donor-advised funds (DAFs), and stock giving. Providing all of this information upfront eliminates any potential barriers that donors may face when deciding whether or not to give.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

LLS designed its nonprofit website using Drupal, a popular content management system (CMS) that supports videos, blogs, polls, and more. However, this website builder is more technical than other options, so some coding knowledge is required to create a stunning website for your nonprofit.

A screenshot of the LLS matching gift page, which demonstrates how this top nonprofit website uses a matching gift tool to raise more.

Additionally, LLS uses Double the Donation to embed a matching gift search field on its website. While Double the Donation is not a website builder itself, it's an essential tool for nonprofits looking to stand out with an engaging matching gift page. Plus, it’s easy to leverage in conjunction with a user-friendly, feature-rich website builder like Morweb.

4. One Tail at a Time

A screenshot of One Tail at a Time’s homepage, which gives an idea of how engaging the nonprofit website is.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

One Tail at a Time (OTAT) rescues animals, especially those from vulnerable populations like senior dogs, from overcrowded shelters and finds them loving homes. With six locations to support adoption meetups, training, veterinary care, and more, this nonprofit has its hands full. Fortunately, OTAT’s website consolidates all of its activities, giving opportunities, and impact statistics so supporters can keep up with all that’s going on.

Some stand-out aspects of this nonprofit website are:

  • Impact statistics. Donors choose to support a nonprofit because they want to help make a difference in the world. For those who are on the fence about giving, OTAT reassures them that their gifts will make an impact by providing statistics related to the number of pets they’ve rescued in the previous year and since the nonprofit’s founding.
  • Clear calls to action (CTAs). There are many different ways to support OTAT’s mission, such as volunteering, becoming a member, or fostering an animal. The home page clearly presents these options to users so they know exactly how to find the information they need to get involved.
  • eCard fundraising. OTAT takes fundraising to the next level by creating branded eCards that donors can send to their loved ones after they make a $25 gift. Each eCard design features an adorable image of an animal, along with a specific description of how the gift will support OTAT’s mission.

One Tail at a Time fundraising eCards, which enhance the nonprofit website and boost donor engagement.

OTAT’s website is one of the best examples of how your nonprofit can turn one-sided online content into multiple opportunities for engagement.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

OTAT used WordPress to build its nonprofit website. This CMS is another popular option for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. However, since it’s an open-source platform, it could leave your website more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. If you opt for WordPress, be sure to stay on top of its regular updates to minimize these risks.

To produce its engaging eCards, the OTAT used eCardWidget’s tools to create its custom designs and add sending widgets to its website. eCard software can be a game-changing addition to your website toolkit, allowing you to step up your fundraising and donor engagement efforts year-round.

5. Alverno College

This is a screenshot of the Alverno College site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

Alverno College is a private women's college in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Its website invites you to get a taste of campus life by including a dynamic video banner on its homepage. From there, you can use the site's mega menu or eye-catching icons to explore the school's different programs and offerings.

The website includes comprehensive information about campus news, events, and financial aid. It's also incredibly easy to kickstart the application process.

Our favorite feature? Alverno's "Visit" page offers easy-to-use tools for signing up for an in-person campus tour, in addition to multiple video tours of different spots on campus.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

Alverno built its website using Morweb.

With Morweb, this school was able to set up its website navigation in a logical and easy-to-use way and add all of the necessary and helpful resources possible to its site. In addition, Morweb also allowed Alverno to customize its theme and templates to reflect the school's brand.

6. Go Local YYC

This is a screenshot of the Go Local YYC site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

Go Local YYC encourages Calgary businesses and their customers to support each other and build positive momentum during difficult times.

This organization's website stands out in particular due to its sleek and consistent branding. The black, white, and orange color scheme is used throughout the site and reinforces the organization's professionalism. In addition, its use of images taken of Calgary help to drive home the message of supporting local businesses.

Go Local YYC also features a helpful "How It Works" page that walks visitors through the process of registering a business, giving the organization a shoutout, and connecting and supporting other members.

Our favorite feature? Go Local YYC's directory stands out as an easy-to-browse and easy-to-search resource that can benefit everyone who uses the website. Plus, each entry is brought to life by a high-quality image or image gallery.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

Go Local YYC partnered with MORAD Creative to design its website using Morweb.

Thanks to Morweb's tools, Go Local YYC is able to quickly and easily update its directory and offer members-only resources—all while maintaining its branding!

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Best Eye-Catching Nonprofit Website Designs

7. San Luis Obispo County YMCA

This is a screenshot of the SLO County YMCA site, which is one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

San Luis Obispo (SLO) County YMCA is a chapter of the Y based in California. Dedicated to promoting physical fitness and community engagement, SLO County YMCA's mission is to develop the mind, body, and spirit of all community members, contributing to strong families and communities.

This focus on supporting wellness and uplifting the community is evident throughout SLO County YMCA's web design. When visitors land on their homepage, they're immediately greeted with a slideshow of active community members making the most of what "the Y" has to offer.

Since SLO County YMCA is primarily a community recreation organization, they make the most of their homepage’s real estate by placing engagement opportunities front and center. Using bright call-to-action buttons, they center opportunities for browsing youth programs or becoming a member of their organization. Nearby, they also include a "Donate" button to steer users toward giving back.

Our favorite feature? The branding of the site is clean and consistent with YMCA's brand guidelines. The typography and graphic elements perfectly match the logo.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

SLO County YMCA partnered with Morweb to build and maintain its web presence.

Morweb offers a number of themes for YMCA branches, so it’s no wonder that SLO County YMCA was able to create such an effective online home for their cause. In addition to the theme, what really stands out is how well the YMCA branding melds into the web design. For example, the color scheme across the site emphasizes the blue and purple in the "Y" and complements those colors with the use of orange and teal. This site is a shining example of what is possible when nonprofits use an accessible CMS like Morweb’s.

8. MAHUBE-OTWA Community Action Partnership, Inc.

This is a screenshot of the MAHUBE-OTWA site, which is one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

MAHUBE-OTWA's mission is to eradicate poverty by promoting self-sufficiency in children, adults, and older people.

Its website is branded to look consistent with its logo, using a purple and white color scheme that is both eye-catching and professional. With an easy-to-use menu and clear buttons for "Board Login," "Donate," "Get Help," and "Translate," this website is designed to help its audience get information and complete important tasks.

Our favorite feature? The membership page offers a number of different donation options, including the option to make the donation a monthly gift, and to cover the transaction fee. Donors can also see what different-sized gifts can help MAHUBE-OTWA do, which can encourage donors to give more.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

The MAHUBE-OTWA website was built using Morweb’s easy-to-use CMS platform.

Morweb’s nonprofit-specific web design features make it easy to include all of the elements relevant to nonprofits, including easy-to-use, built-in donation forms. With Morweb's donation forms, your supporters won't be redirected to a third-party site to complete their donation, which will infuse more trust into the process and encourage visitors to stay on your site longer.

9. Colorado Ballet

This is a screenshot of the Colorado Ballet site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

Colorado Ballet is a nonprofit organization that has been performing world-class ballet in the Denver, Colorado area since 1961.

The greatest strength of this nonprofit website is its jaw-dropping imagery. The site is fully-loaded with beautiful, high-resolution images of dancers in action, but these images especially stand out in its rotating banner. These photos immediately immerse you in the world of ballet and generate interest in Colorado Ballet's upcoming productions.

The site offers a library of video features and information about performances. It also hosts an easy-to-use donation form.

Our favorite feature? The "My Account" page allows frequent ballet-goers to register for an account through which they can easily purchase tickets. You can also use your account to register young ballet performers for classes and intensives.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

Colorado Ballet's website is made with Morweb.

With Morweb, Colorado Ballet can easily convert large images to web-friendly versions and zoom, crop, and drag those images so they fit perfectly on the site's pages. Morweb also empowers organizations like Colorado Ballet to offer secure and easy-to-use password-protected resources like member accounts.

10. Oahu Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

This is a screenshot of the Oahu SPCA site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Oahu Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a no-kill animal shelter in Oahu, Hawaii.

Just like its mission, the organization puts animals at the forefront of its website, including pictures of cats and dogs on its homepage, and gives website visitors ideas for how they can support the Oahu SPCA's work.

Halfway down the homepage, the organization features a video with moving images and music that reinforce the importance of animal wellbeing. The website also offers an easy-to-fill-out newsletter sign up.

Our favorite feature? Oahu SPCA's donation page stands out for its sleek and thoughtful design. The page includes a picture of a cat and a reminder of the organization's mission at the top. Below that are suggested donation amounts a donor can select, as well as an option to make the donation a monthly contribution. Then there are two clear sections a donor must fill out to complete their donation. The page has plenty of white space and just enough information to make the process convenient and not overwhelming.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

Oahu SPCA's website was built using Morweb.

It's clear that the organization built off of an intuitive Morweb template to incorporate its own visual brand, including its own imagery, color scheme, and font collection. The look of the website is consistent from page to page, including the donation page, which helps tie the entire site together and centers visitors on what matters most—this nonprofit's mission to protect and rehome animals on Oahu.

11. Teamsters Local 911

This is a screenshot of the Teamsters Local 911 site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

Teamsters Local 911 is a California affiliate of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, a labor union in the U.S. and Canada. This organization specializes in contract negotiations, leadership training, and political participation.

Teamsters Local 911's website has a clean, professional design that provides clear information about the purpose of the organization and how to become a member.

The site's branding stands out in particular, matching up with the organization's logo and creating a cohesive look and feel throughout the entire site. This branding extends to Teamster Local 911's "Contact" and "Join Us" pages, which are branded to look consistent with the rest of the site instead of looking like suspicious third-party pages.

Our favorite feature? The organization's "Know Your Rights" page offers helpful information about representational rights, the Family Medical Leave Act, and Weingarten rights that empower members to take action to improve their working lives.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

Teamsters Local 911 used Morweb to build their site.

Using Morweb's tools, this organization was able to design a cohesive, logically-organized website that walks every visitor through the organization's mission and offerings. In addition, Teamsters Local 911 also leverages Morweb's powerful blog engine to add helpful news and updates to its website that invites consistent engagement from current and prospective members alike.

12. Rainbow Hospice Care

This is a screenshot of the Rainbow Hospice Care site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

Rainbow Hospice Care provides advance care planning, care management, hospice care, and community bereavement support in southern Wisconsin.

This website makes it easy for website visitors to access information about Rainbow's services and offers distinct resources for caregivers and volunteers. Its "Donate Now" and "Make a Referral" buttons stand out with their bright colors, catching visitors' eyes and encouraging them to act. In addition, visitors are invited to engage with Rainbow Hospice Care on social media—the organization offers social media icons in its static menu and footer.

Our favorite feature? This website's "Employment" page offers clear information about currently available job opportunities and links out to job descriptions and an application portal.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

Rainbow Hospice Care used Morweb to build its site.

With Morweb, this hospice organization was able to create a visually-inviting website that hosts a wealth of useful resources. Using Morweb's easy-to-use tools, Rainbow Hospice Care can now maintain the strong look and feel of its website and continue adding content to its site to engage clients and their families.

Best Nonprofit Websites for User Experience & Accessibility

13. Community Foundation of Sarasota County

This is a screenshot of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County (CFSC) is a charitable organization with three areas of impact: community care, empowerment and success, and belonging and culture. Their motto—“Be the One”—reflects the belief that anyone can be a philanthropist and give back to their community, regardless of means.

The community foundation’s mission is clear throughout its nonprofit website design. The homepage banner showcases smiling community members and highlights the organization’s statement of impact. This nonprofit website has many engaging design elements including smooth mouseover effects and dynamic media galleries. The site looks equally great on mobile devices, with all content seamlessly adjusting to fit smaller screen sizes.

CFSC's navigation menu lends itself to a great user experience. The mega menu organizes the pages in a clean format, and the Donate page is highlighted with a large button. There is also an alert bar at the very top of the navigation menu, allowing the organization to share important updates.

Our favorite feature? This nonprofit website offers a web accessibility feature in the top right corner of its navigation menu. Site visitors can change the font size, switch to greyscale, or change the font in order to improve their viewing experience.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

CFSC designed and built its website with Morweb.

Morweb's drag-and-drop editor allows the organization to easily add or edit their pages on the front end of their site so they can see exactly how their page will look live. CFSC's website theme was custom-developed and comes with dozens of prebuilt templates that are consistent with the organization's branding.

For the functionality of the site, CFSC took advantage of Morweb’s nonprofit-specific features, including customizable donation forms, resource galleries, blogs, and event registration and ticketing to best serve their constituents.

14. Minnesota Community Action Partnership

This is a screenshot of the MinnCAP site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

Minnesota Community Action Partnership (MinnCAP) is a community organization that provides poverty solutions through various programs including homelessness prevention, healthcare enrollment, food and nutrition services, early childhood programming, regional transit, and more.

MinnCAP has a beautifully simplistic nonprofit website design with engaging images and graphic elements to convey its mission.

The website incorporates white space to break up the content into an easily-digestible format. The navigation is very clean and straightforward, encouraging site visitors to learn more about their many community programs and get in touch with a local agency.

Our favorite feature? The interactive map of MinnCAP member organizations. The local agencies page offers an interactive map of MinnCAP member organizations. You can search the map or scroll through information about its 35+ members.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

MinnCAP designed its community foundation website with Morweb. MinnCAP makes use of many of Morweb's tools, including its accessibility widget, members-only login capabilities, and customizable icons and graphics.

15. buildOn

This is a screenshot of the buildOn site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

buildOn is a movement dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations around the world. The organization offers Service Learning Programs to mobilize students in under-resourced urban areas and uplift communities.

The organization’s website utilizes captivating videos and imagery to convey its mission and communicate its various programs and services. The site does an excellent job of guiding visitors to its donation page.

Our favorite feature? buildOn has a unique donation page that highlights the organization’s global impact and options for how supporters want their donations to be used. The form itself is extremely straightforward and guides donors through the giving process.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

buildOn designed its nonprofit website with a custom WordPress template.

WordPress is a great platform for building highly customized websites, because it is open-source software with plenty of third-party plugins. However, because of its steep learning curve, WordPress is best for experienced web designers who are well-versed in code. If you do have those skills, you can make almost any vision come to life with WordPress.

16. TanenbaumCHAT

This is a screenshot of the TanenbaumCHAT site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

TanenbaumCHAT is a Jewish high school in the Greater Toronto area.

This school website offers resources for students, donors, and alumni, and an easy way to access those resources with a mouse-over menu.

Offering support for TanenbaumCHAT is easy. Its donation page stands out for its simplicity and wealth of options, and community members can now purchase school swag in a dedicated online school store.

Our favorite feature? The "Experience" page provides a wonderful overview of everything TanenbaumCHAT has to offer, from general studies and Jewish studies courses to retreats and extracurriculars. Any prospective student or family can learn about everything they need to know about the school before applying for admission.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

This school website is built with Morweb's CMS.

TanenbaumCHAT taps into a number of Morweb tools, including a live, on-page social media feed that showcases the school's Instagram posts and encourages engagement outside of the website. The school also makes use of Morweb's accessibility widget, offering the ability to change font size, alter the color scheme, and highlight links so that everyone, regardless of ability, can use the site.

17. Hillcrest

This is a screenshot of the Hillcrest site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

Hillcrest is a continuing care retirement community in Southern California that offers services, healthcare, and homes that support older individuals' independence.

Hillcrest recognizes that the first thing website visitors will want to see upon arriving on the site is Hillcrest's campus. They provide a beautifully-done video banner that shows off the grounds and homes available at Hillcrest. This allows website visitors to picture themselves enjoying life in the Hillcrest community.

Visitors can browse a campus map, photo galleries, and sample floor plans that give further insight into Hillcrest life. The site's bright yellow "Contact Us" button stands out and can help future residents kickstart their life at Hillcrest.

Our favorite feature? Hillcrest's "Giving" page offers information on multiple ways to give to Hillcrest, including planned giving and a general support fund. Donors can also break one-time donations into monthly payments or give on a monthly basis.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

Hillcrest's website was designed with Morweb.

With Morweb's highly-professional templates, Hillcrest was able to build a website that has a sleek, inviting look and which matches its logo. Morweb also powers temporary resources as needed, like Hillcrest's COVID-19 updates page, which offers information on case counts on Hillcrest's campus.

18. RAIN

This is a screenshot of the RAIN site, which is one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

RAIN was founded in 1992 to empower people living with HIV and those at risk of HIV to be healthy and to live stigma-free.

This organization offers a number of ways to get involved like volunteering, serving as a social media ambassador, and donating. They clearly promote these opportunities with bright yellow and red call-to-action buttons. In addition, RAIN also offers a wealth of information about their services for those affected by HIV, like testing, counseling, and support groups.

Our favorite feature? We love RAIN's donation wishlist page, which provides a list of goods and services that RAIN's current clients need. This page helps supporters know what they can do or give to be as effective as possible in the current moment.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

This website was built on Morweb's CMS platform.

Morweb doesn't require any coding and is easy to update, which is perfect for especially active organizations like RAIN that are constantly hosting events and updating donation needs. Morweb also allows RAIN to create special event landing pages for each of its upcoming events, helping the website stay organized and easily direct website visitors to the right place when they want to sign up for an event.

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Best Nonprofit Websites with Compelling Content

19. The Center for Collaborative Study of Trauma, Health Equity, and Neurobiology

This is a screenshot of the THEN Center site, which is one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Center for Collaborative Study of Trauma, Health, Equity, and Neurobiology (THEN Center) works toward health, equity, and justice for all by researching the direct connection between trauma, chronic disease, and health disparity.

THEN Center's website features a wealth of educational resources to explain the connections between trauma, chronic disease, and health disparity. On top of providing information about core scientific concepts, it also offers resources to help visitors learn about preventing and healing trauma and preventing discrimination.

THEN Center's main call-to-action is to get people to sign up for its newsletter, which is apparent with its large "Subscribe" buttons and footer fields.

Our favorite feature? THEN Center offers a "What's New?" page that visitors can navigate to in order to learn about the most recent updates on THEN Center's research. This easy-to-find, one-stop-shop is a great resource for those who want to keep up with THEN Center's work.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

THEN Center used Morweb to build its website.

Relying on Morweb's drag-and-drop editing tools, THEN Center can easily update its educational resources without digging through endless lines of complicated code. Because of Morweb's dynamic themes, THEN Center is also able to catch first-time visitors' eyes with rolling banner images that set the tone for the rest of the website experience.

20. Association of Controls Professionals

This is a screenshot of the ACP site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Association of Controls Professionals (ACP) works to support educational initiatives that prepare skilled building automation systems professionals for the workforce.

The ACP website has a clean, professional look and offers a wealth of resources to its audience, including information on certifications, toolkits designed for different levels of academia and professional experience, and live updated information on building automation systems job vacancies.

The website invites members and curious visitors alike to engage with its content by offering a newsletter sign-up form, a private member portal, and social media icons that encourage visitors to engage with ACP on other platforms.

Our favorite feature? ACP offers an entire web page dedicated to resources for the media, like photos, video, and audio. This page stands out as a useful resource for public relations and marketing efforts for the association.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

ACP built its website using Morweb.

ACP has a customized design that is easy to edit with Morweb's drag-and-drop editor. ACP makes great use of Morweb's blog engine, too, with its "Events" and "News" sections that empower the organization to create new content on the regular and encourage visitors to revisit the website again and again.

21. The Voices Project

This is a screenshot of The Voices Project site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Voices Project is a grassroots advocacy organization that is changing the way America thinks about addiction recovery, one voice at a time.

It’s clear that storytelling is a main focus of this nonprofit website. As you scroll down the homepage, you are greeted with inviting imagery and blog stories related to the organization's cause. The impact of the advocacy organization’s work is highlighted with a live counter sharing the stark realities of people affected by addiction.

The imagery is effective in conveying the organization’s mission and sharing messages of hope and recovery. The smooth rollover effects and page animations make the site even more dynamic as you explore The Voices Project's content.

Our favorite feature? The Voices Project's "Mission + History" page is written in a narrative style, sharing the story of the organization's founder and his journey to addiction recovery. This adds a personal touch to the website and emphasizes the humanized impact of the organization's work.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

The Voices Project designed its website with Morweb.

The site is easy to maintain with built-in donation capabilities, events registration, and blogging tools. These tools empower The Voices Project to continually create new content that reflects its brand and to provide actionable information on what people can do to help those affected by addiction.

22. IGNITE Pathways

This is a screenshot of the IGNITE Pathways site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

IGNITE Pathways is an organization designed for students who want to learn by doing. With its transformational approach to education, IGNITE Pathways sets students up to earn college credits and industry certifications.

This organization's website has a clean, simple design that provides an overview of the organization's purpose from the get-go. With engaging video content on the homepage, you're soon pulled into learning about IGNITE Pathway's story and offerings. The homepage showcases the program's impact, listing information like the number of certification programs offered and the amount of money saved in college costs.

Our favorite feature? IGNITE Pathways has an easy-to-fill-out "Inquire Today" form that can help website visitors kickstart their own participation in the organization's programs. It's quick to fill out and doesn't ask for too much information, which increases the likelihood of interested people filling it out and submitting it to the organization.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

IGNITE Pathways built this website using Morweb.

By using Morweb, IGNITE Pathways is able to leverage easy-to-use tools that allow the organization to brand its website to match its mission and logo. Morweb also empowers the organization to offer an easy-to-access contact page and form, and clear and effective CTA buttons that encourage visitors to take action on the information they get about IGNITE Pathways.

23. Elton John AIDS Foundation

This is a screenshot of the Elton John AIDS Foundation site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Elton John AIDS Foundation has one goal—to end the AIDS epidemic. The foundation funds partners that provide medical treatment and fight stigma.

This website provides a dynamic experience as you scroll down its homepage, providing images of the people affected by the organization's work and clear statistics that showcase the organization's impact. The website invites visitors to learn and then act by donating and attending events.

Our favorite feature? When you land on the Elton John AIDS Foundation site, you are first met with an introduction video that sets the tone for the rest of the website experience. The images and music in the video highlight the severity of the AIDS epidemic while also bringing hope that there is work to be done to save and improve lives.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

The Elton John AIDS Foundation used WordPress to build its website.

With WordPress, the organization was able to create an extremely unique and modern-looking site. The website uses a variety of WordPress plugins to create an intuitive and dynamic visitor experience. But, as mentioned before with other WordPress sites, this was likely achieved with intensive coding on top of the use of templates and WordPress's basic functionalities.

24. Athabasca University Graduate Students' Association

This is a screenshot of the AUGSA site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Athabasca University Graduate Students' Association (AUGSA) offers services and representation for AU graduate students through university and government relations. The organization strives to ensure graduate-level education at the university is accessible, affordable, and of high-quality.

From the moment you land on the AUGSA homepage, the website makes clear the audience it targets. By using high-quality images of students, classrooms, and graduation, AUGSA communicates that it is an organization dedicated to improving the student experience at AU.

The website features a clear "Get Involved" button in its static menu and a newsletter sign-up in its footer, encouraging students to engage with all of its operations.

Our favorite feature? The "Governance" page has all the resources a website visitor needs to bring themselves up to speed on AUGSA's operations. From policies to meeting minutes, website visitors have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips that can help them orient themselves on everything AUGSA is doing to improve graduate-level education at AU.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

AUGSA used Morweb to build its website.

With Morweb, AUGSA can easily host customized forms and provide frequent blog-style news and events updates. Morweb also empowers AUGSA to maintain a strong brand image across all of its pages and resources, reinforcing the organization's professionalism.

25. The Wilderness Land Trust

This is a screenshot of the WLT site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Wilderness Land Trust (WLT) works to acquire private lands and transfer them to public ownership, thereby protecting wilderness.

WLT's website is imagery-rich, inviting website visitors to get a taste of the beautiful lands WLT strives to protect. Its homepage rotating banner alone showcases multiple different terrains that evoke a love of the outdoors.

Another element of the WLT homepage is the stats and map that showcase the organization's impact. These numbers, paired with the map graphic, ensure that everyone who encounters the website will understand just how important WLT's work is.

Our favorite feature? We love WLT's blog-style "Stories" page. Each entry tells the story of a different place and the people who have worked to protect it. The stories combine high-quality images with well-written text to further showcase WLT's impact.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

The Wilderness Land Trust used WordPress to build its website.

By using a number of plugins and customized code, WLT was able to achieve a website look that truly reflects its brand and mission.

26. National Council for History Education

This is a screenshot of the NCHE site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The National Council for History Education (NCHE) is a member-based organization that seeks to create and engage a community of educators committed to teaching, learning, and appreciating diverse histories.

The look of NCHE's website is extremely professional. The entire website is consistent with NCHE's brand and the images (in particular, the rotating banner on the homepage) invite visitors to engage with the resources and content on the site.

One of the biggest elements of this site is the resources for NCHE's annual conference. NCHE includes clear information for submitting proposals and securing lodging, as well as participating in special events, keynote addresses, and enrichment excursions.

Our favorite feature? The "Join," "Login," and "Donate" buttons on the NCHE site stand out and encourage engagement.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

NCHE partnered with Morweb to build its website.

In particular, NCHE uses Morweb's blog engine to share news and updates, and offers password-protected member resources using Morweb's private intranet network capabilities.

Best Nonprofit Websites for Digital Engagement

27. The Association of Theological Schools and The Commission on Accrediting

This is a screenshot of the ATS site, which is one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) and its sister group, The Commission on Accrediting, share one mission: to promote and enhance theological schools, thereby benefitting communities of faith and the broader public.

This dedication to the enhancement of theological schools is reflected on ATS's website. On the homepage, rolling banner images set the tone for the website with places of worship and people working together to learn. In addition, the "In the News" blog roll and "Upcoming Events" calendar on the homepage invite visitors to engage with the site right away.

Our favorite feature? The ATS website features distinct social media icons in the header and footer of the site. These invite visitors to further engage with the organization on other platforms.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

ATS partners used Morweb to build its site.

With Morweb, ATS was able to build a website that clearly communicates its brand and mission. The organization has also been able to easily add valuable resources for its administrator and faculty member audience and create a private Canvas portal for its users. Using Morweb's tools, ATS can effectively engage each person who lands on its site.

28. Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida

This a screenshot of the Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida serves people with disabilities and disadvantages by offering free employment and career services.

This organization has designed its website to appeal to both its constituents and its donors. For example, in the static menu, there is a clear "Careers at Goodwill" link that can get people with disabilities and disadvantages started with the employment process. And on the right side of the menu, there is a clear "Make a Donation" button.

Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida also boasts an extremely dynamic homepage, with statistics that add up as you scroll to them, a featured events section, and a live social media feed featuring the organization's Facebook page.

Our favorite feature? The Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida homepage features a "Find a Store Location" feature, with an embedded map visitors can use to find a store near them. You can also search the map's marked store locations by city or zip code.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

The Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida website was built using Morweb.

With Morweb, this organization has been able to create a clean, simple design that easily communicates its mission. And with large call-to-action buttons, an easily-navigable menu, and other dynamic features like an embedded map and live social media feed, the Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida does an excellent job of inviting every website visitor to be part of its mission.

29. World Trade Center Institute

This is a screenshot of the WTCI site, which is one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The World Trade Center Institute (WTCI) seeks to empower globally-minded leaders from the Mid-Atlantic with ideas and connections that drive business growth and global good.

WTCI clearly displays this mission on its homepage and from the outset gives website visitors four different ways to get involved with its work—events, fellowships, membership, and global exchanges. Its homepage also features stats that illustrate the organization's impact and a "Faces of WTCI" section that highlights the contributions of individual members.

Our favorite feature? WTCI has a clear "Subscribe" form at the bottom of each page that invites visitors to stay in the loop by signing up for their email newsletter.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

WTCI achieved its effective design using Morweb.

Through Morweb, WTCI was able to easily add and edit images of its members in action, create a members-only login portal, and equip its site with an easy-to-use accessibility website. With Morweb's tools, this website can be easily updated and added to as WTCI offers different events and opportunities to its members.

30. Greenbelt - Essex County's Land Trust

This is a screenshot of the ECGA site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

Greenbelt - Essex County's Land Trust (ECGA) is a highly visual site with stunning image sliders, featured sections, and an engaging navigation menu. The color-popping navigation in the upper corner of the website makes it easy for site visitors to get information about hiking trails, events, and donations.

ECGA's events page offers an overall view of upcoming events with a link to learn more and RSVP or purchase tickets.

The property search page displays all of the properties within the land trust. The organization's trail map is interactive, allowing you to learn more about each trail. For each trail, you can learn how to get there and what activities you can do there. You can also take virtual tours, download a PDF of the map, and browse image galleries.

Our favorite feature? A unique aspect of this stunning nonprofit website is its Osprey Cam. ECGA offers a live camera feed on the nest of a pair of young Osprey. Each spring you can watch as their eggs hatch and the young chicks grow to eventually leave the nest.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

ECGA partnered with Morweb to create and maintain its attractive and interactive website.

Morweb’s image features and page templates helped the organization incorporate its branding and keep visitors engaged with its programs. In addition, Morweb’s properties feature allowed the land trust to create pages for each of their reservations and link to them from an interactive map.

31. SpayMart

This is a screenshot of the SpayMart site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

SpayMart is an animal welfare nonprofit that seeks to enhance the lives of animals in the Greater New Orleans area.

Focused mainly on cats, SpayMart's website features adorable pictures of cats or kittens on every page. These pictures, coupled with a simple and bright color scheme, draw website visitors in and encourage them to get involved with the organization by adopting, fostering, donating, or volunteering.

SpayMart's homepage features a live count of cats saved, as well as quick links to the organization's featured programs. Its static menu has clear "Donate" and "Search Cats" buttons.

Our favorite feature? We love SpayMart's directory-style cat search page. It allows you to filter your search by breed, size, and age and showcases a picture of each cat, helping visitors to find the perfect furry friend to welcome into their lives.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

SpayMart's website was built with Morweb.

Morweb's customization tools allowed SpayMart to create a website that truly reflects its brand and gets website visitors saying, "Awww!" on each page. Plus, with Morweb's live social media feed feature, visitors can see SpayMart's latest Facebook posts, which encourage further engagement with the organization.

32. Red Panda Network

This is a screenshot of the RPN site, one of the best NGO websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Red Panda Network (RPN) is an NGO that has a mission to conserve wild red pandas and their habitats through the education and empowerment of local communities.

The RPN website is a resource for learning about red pandas and the risks they face, and a tool for donating, buying merchandise, and partnering with the organization.

This website has clear branding, with a tasteful red and green color scheme that brings to mind red pandas and their habitats. It also showcases numerous pictures of red pandas and offers quick-to-digest information about RPN's impact on the red panda conservation effort.

The homepage features campaigns that need urgent attention and recent news that allows supporters to stay up-to-date on all things relating to red panda conservation.

Our favorite feature? RPN's website features a page that's just for kids. With a whole slew of fun activities, kids can become "Red Panda Rangers" as they have fun and learn about conserving red pandas. The branding of the page is still clearly connected to RPN's overall branding, but the cartoonish look makes the page extra inviting for a younger audience.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

RPN's website was built by MORAD using Morweb's CMS.

With Morweb, RPN is able to implement some NGO website design best practices. Using Morweb's tools, RPN showcases stunning image galleries, offers an easy-to-use donation form, and facilitates its "Adopt a Panda" program. Plus, with a site branded to its logo and cause, RPN is able to offer its website as a source of hope and optimism for the red panda's future.

33. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

This is a screenshot of the Gates Foundation site, one of the best nonprofit websites.

Why This Nonprofit Website Is One of the Best

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting poverty, disease, and inequity around the world for more than 20 years.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s website is crisp and modern. On the homepage, site visitors are greeted by a video banner that showcases the incredible work the foundation does around the world.

The nonprofit website’s mega menu offers a simple and visually appealing way to navigate the site. The nonprofit incorporates beautiful photography, graphs, and white space to give its website a clean look.

Our favorite feature? The website’s interactive timeline tells the history of the foundation with engaging images and stories. Users can scroll down the page to get a high-level overview of the organization’s growth over the years.

How They Built This Top Nonprofit Website

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation built its website on Sitecore. Sitecore is a powerful CMS that is ideal for large organizations that require highly customized, interactive features.

This CMS requires a knowledgeable web developer to create the website and updating it can be tricky for non-technical designers. Partnering with a skilled Sitecore web design agency will ensure your nonprofit has the resources to build your nonprofit website and keep it updated.

Tips for Designing Your Own Nonprofit Website

With inspiration from our list of best nonprofit and NGO websites, it’s time to begin designing your organization's website. However, you may be wondering, "How do I get started?" and "What tools do I need?"

Look no further. In this section, we'll cover critical tips to get you started on your design journey and make your nonprofit’s website one of the best!


1. Use a nonprofit-specific CMS.

There are several different website builders, also known as content management systems (CMSs), that you can use to create a site. While generic CMS platforms (WordPress, Squarespace, Drupal, Ghost, Hubspot, etc.) come with many capabilities, you'll often need to spend a lot of time getting used to their tools and learning some code to make your website exactly what you want it to be.

On the other hand, a nonprofit-specific CMS is built with your needs in mind. It keeps things simple so you don't have to spend excessive amounts of time and money achieving a website look that exceeds expectations. Instead of a steep learning curve and the need for tons of plugins and widgets, you'll find front-end editing tools, seamless customization capabilities, and more.

Morweb, for example, is a leading CMS platform designed for nonprofits and their goals. With drag-and-drop editing features, built-in SEO tools, personalized one-on-one training, accessibility widgets, and more, you’ll have everything at your fingertips when it comes to building an effective nonprofit website that will amaze and resonate with your audience.

Book a free demo of Morweb, a feature-rich website builder that will help you create a stunning nonprofit website.

2. Make your site easy to navigate.

A great-looking website won't do your cause much good if it's difficult to use! As you're designing, prioritize navigation. When you create your site menu, try thinking about it from a website visitor's perspective and anticipating their needs. For example, if you know that most of your website visitors come to give and learn more about your cause, you might include links to your donation page, "About Us" page, most recent annual report, and your blog at the top of the menu.

You should also keep your menu simple. It may be tempting to create a mega menu with multiple sub-menus, but that may just confuse and frustrate website visitors, like a 10-page dinner menu at a diner. Stick to just a few menu items, and break up your menu by including call-to-action buttons throughout your site that link to important pages you want to be sure your visitors see.

3. Focus on your donation page.

For nonprofits like yours, your donation page is of paramount importance. If you're short on time to design your website, focus most of your attention on your donation page. After all, this is where your supporters come to show their support!

Here are a few design best practices you should implement on your donation page:

  • Brand your donation page to match the rest of your website. This will show that your donation page is trustworthy and that donors can be sure their personal information will be secure with your organization. Plus, it will professional to have your donation page branding be consistent with the look of the rest of the site.
  • Include multiple ways to give. Many of the nonprofits included in our list of the best nonprofit websites offer multiple ways to give on their donation pages. Why? Because donors love to have options! Customizing the giving experience to their needs make it more personal and meaningful. Consider offering the option to make a donation a recurring monthly gift, the chance to check for matching gift eligibility, or to dedicate the donation to a loved one.
  • Keep form questions to a minimum. Donors want a donation experience that is fast, easy, and convenient. Keep it simple by only asking for necessary information, like contact information and payment details. If you do want to request further information, mark additional questions as optional.

Your donation page is one of the most important assets your nonprofit has for pulling in support. By using these three best practices, you can ensure your donors will return to use it again and again!

4. Create a dedicated matching gift page.

Through matching gifts, donors can double or triple the impact of their contributions to your nonprofit. One in three donors report that they would even make a larger gift if they knew their employer would match it. Ensure that none of these opportunities slip through the cracks by building a dedicated matching gift page on your website.

Beyond adding a tool where donors can search their matching gift eligibility, provide a brief explanation of how matching gifts work to inform prospective donors. The process typically follows these steps:

  • A donor makes a gift on your donation page.
  • On the confirmation page, the donor searches for their company using your matching gift search tool.
  • The donor follows the link to their employer’s matching gift request form and completes it.
  • The company processes the request and sends the matched funds to your nonprofit.

Double the Donation's matching gift solution allows you to create effective matching gift pages by providing a plugin that donors can use to search for their employer’s matching gift program on your website. Then, when they make a gift, the software automatically sends email follow-ups to each donor depending on their matching gift eligibility. This means that you can keep matching gifts front and center no matter where donors are in the giving process.

5. Make your website easy to find.

Once you’ve developed a stunning and informative website, focus on getting it in front of the right audience! With 66% of web traffic referrals coming from Google, it’s clear that improving your website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) should be a priority.

All search engines use different algorithms to determine what content to show users. However, above all, search engines want to show their users valuable content that aligns with their interests. By doing so, users will continue using the search engine in the future.

To signal to search engines what your content is about and that it checks the boxes of being valuable, original, and aligned with users’ interests, your nonprofit needs search engine optimization (SEO). SEO can generally be divided into three categories:

  • Technical SEO. Google prioritizes websites that are easy for both users and search engine crawlers to navigate. Technical SEO revolves around making your website as functional and error-free as possible by tactics like removing broken links and speeding up loading times. It also includes making your website easily understandable to Google’s crawlers. Go to “[your website]/robots.txt” to check crawler permissions and ensure Google is allowed to read your website.
  • Keyword strategy. Your audience uses Google to search for terms related to your nonprofit. Whether it's useful for your organization to rank for "animal shelter volunteering in Houston" or a phrase related to products or services you're selling, keyword research can help you identify and prioritize the terms your website should be targeting.
  • Content strategy. In order to rank for a given keyword, you need to create helpful, valuable content that aligns with what Google and searchers are expecting, a concept known as "search intent." By doing so, your content will appear more highly in search results, and visitors who click on it are more likely to engage with your content and the rest of your website.

Ultimately, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Each valuable piece of content you create needs time to get recognized by Google and move up the ranks on the SERP. By doing so, you can steadily increase your visibility to expand your audience, earn more support, and improve brand awareness.

6. Consider search ads.

SEO is incredibly valuable but takes time to develop, especially if your nonprofit is going it alone. Fortunately, there are resources available to jumpstart traffic to your website.

The Google Ad Grant program provides $10,000 each month in free advertising credits to eligible nonprofits. You can use the grant to create Google Ads targeting specific keywords so your website appears at the top of the SERP.

However, your nonprofit must maintain the quality of its website and ads to continue receiving the grant each month. To monitor your website’s performance, use the following tools:

  • Google Search Console gathers website performance metrics to help you increase your website’s content quality. Learn what search queries bring people to your website, what websites link back to yours, whether or not searchers can use your website on their mobile devices, and more!
  • Google Analytics gives you a well-rounded view of your Google Ads performance, including identifying engagement metrics and conversion drivers. Using this data, measure the traffic your website brings in and how long visitors stay on your site, and learn valuable information for gauging the effectiveness of your content.
  • Google Trends helps you improve your keyword strategy by discovering what your audience is searching for. That way, you can cater your website content to meet their needs and attract more visitors!

If your nonprofit is new to the Google Ad Grant, overwhelmed with all of Google’s compliance requirements, or looking to maximize your advertising results, consider reaching out to a Google Grant agency. These experts have extensive experience with Google Ad Grant applications, account management, keyword research, and more. They’ll ensure you use your monthly $10,000 to the fullest and supercharge your website’s visibility.

By optimizing your website and your Google Ads, your nonprofit will reap the benefits of search engine marketing, including a broadened reach and greater audience understanding. As a result, you’ll be able to rally more support for your cause!

7. Create valuable content for your website.

Providing valuable content should be one of your highest priorities. To create compelling content for your audience, answer these questions:

What topics would they be interested in learning more about?

Your blog roll or resource hub is the go-to place for visitors interested in learning more about your cause, values, and recent projects. If your website has a blog, share your thoughts on topics relevant to your nonprofit and supporters.

For example, The Community Foundation of Sarasota County’s blog articles give insight into their operations while providing value to the reader. Topics like “Why Should I Choose a Community Foundation Donor Over a Commercial Advised Fund?” anticipate reader’s questions and provide straightforward answers that inform curious visitors. Though not lengthy, the article includes valuable information about the organization’s services in a way that educates new and potential clients.

What would inspire them to take action?

Testimonials, impact reports, and related statistics can help readers visualize the importance of your cause. For instance, SpayMart’s homepage adoption count lends credibility to the organization’s effectiveness and prompts new visitors to take action.

Also, try taking a closer look at the lives you’ve impacted by using individual testimonials. As another example, Buildon’s blog highlights stories from volunteers that describe their value of leading through service and serve as an invitation for readers to join in.

Consider what your visitors would like to know more about, and you’ll transform your website into a resource they’ll want to engage with every time you post.

Additionally, think about targeting your current audience and related ones. For instance, an organization trying to connect with companies that donate to nonprofits could create a dedicated corporate philanthropy page explaining why and how corporate partners can get involved.

What are your goals?

Ultimately, you’re providing valuable website content for a purpose: earning your mission support. When crafting new content, consider both your readers’ goals and your own goals. For example, you might want to earn donations, sell products or services, or attract volunteers, while your supporters have goals such as learning more about a specific issue, making an impact, or finding resources they need.

With SEO, you and your audience can ideally achieve your goals together! SEO considers audience intent to encourage organizations to create website content that aligns with their audiences’ interests. By doing so, the audience will find valuable content when using search engines and likely go on to explore the rest of the website that provides that content.

For example, let’s take a look at this case study on The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. This nonprofit specializes in providing nonprofit professionals with training resources. To reach their target audience, they created high-quality articles for keywords relevant to nonprofit professional skill development and posted them for free to their blog. That way, nonprofit professionals looking for training materials can find their free articles, and then go on to potentially purchase a course or attend an event.

Additionally, The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance partnered with other organizations that serve the nonprofit sector and accept blog submissions. By creating valuable content and submitting it to an external website for publication, they were able to spread the word about their organization and boost the number of high-priority keywords they rank for to 32.

In contrast, a nonprofit focused exclusively on fundraising might instead create blog content focused on individual supporters’ stories, research emphasizing the urgency of their issue, and reports about the nonprofit’s recent accomplishments. This type of content aligns with the interests of an audience curious about the target issue, while also encouraging action like donating.

The Gist

Equipped with inspiration from the best nonprofit websites and some basic design tips, you're ready to create or revamp your nonprofit website!

As you design, continue to learn from other websites' best qualities and consider the audience you're designing for. This is a surefire way to create an online resource for your cause that will stand the test of time!

Want to learn a bit more about nonprofit website design? Check out these additional resources:

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