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Online Video Course Creation Made Easy

Create video content to deliver training and educate. Bring value to your members or audience with a scalable learning suite that’s custom built to meet your needs.

Online Video Course Creation Made Easy
Online Video Course Creation Made Easy

Easily create video courses

Create video categories, then add multiple videos to build an entire online course quickly. Add your details, images, instructor information, the curriculum and more in just minutes. Best of all, the video course templates can be customized for your specific requirements.

Generate revenue from your video courses

You have the option to sell video courses at a price or offer them for free. Set your price and generate revenue from your video courses. With two payment options available, you can either sell videos a la carte OR sell a subscription that provides access to your video courses.


Online testing & certification

Create a multiple-choice test for each video course. Once the User completes the test and achieves a passing grade, they’ll receive a custom certificate of accomplishment to download or print.

Custom video course page templates

Create video course pages using various templates designed specifically for different courses like staff training, accreditation, podcast, and more. Our team of designers can deliver engaging video course templates tailored to your specific requirements.


Gate your videos

Gate your videos specifically for members, paying customers, or specific user groups like staff members, of which you have complete control.

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